Regression evidence and Kapitza’s demographic projections

Sergey Kapitza in his book „Global population blow-up and after“ claims that the world population has been and continues to be growing at a more than exponential pace. This is a challanging hypothesis since it is unplausible that even exponential growth can be sustained over a long period of time by any natural or technical process. It is the purpose of this note to question the hypothesis and, ideally, trigger its discussion.


Equity, Wealth and Growth

The paper is intended as a contribution to the present scientific and political debate of how to organise markets and societies. Particular, the question is for the role and design of social systems. The paper tries to analyse how the relation is between social balance and a potential for growth. In particular it tries to give an answer whether the market fundamentalist position or propaganda is right, that deregulating societies always more and rewarding always stronger the top economic performers makes a country richer, while eventually everybody gains.