About us


The Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing (FAW/n) conducts research and development in the field of application-oriented knowledge processing, relating to politics, business, public institutions and society.

Our work is

  • interdisciplinary.
  • holistic.
  • practical.
  • realistic.
  • pragmatic.
  • mathematically sound.
  • globally oriented.
  • shaped by 30 years of experience.

Our strategic goal is a worldwide eco-social market economy that combines a consistent market orientation with an equally consistent focus on world-ethical concerns in the areas of culture, social affairs and the environment.

For example, FAW/n was involved in the international processes that led to the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in New York in September 2015 and of the Paris Agreement in December 2015, and is particularly committed to climate-neutrality in this context. FAW/n is also working with the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development on the theme “from free to fair trade.”

In addition, FAW/n also focuses on the interests of its donors, e.g. sustainable mobility, corporate climate-neutrality, mechanical engineering, innovations in the energy and real estate sectors, as well as stability and regulation in the financial sector.

FAW/n was approved in December 2004 as a German non-profit foundation having legal capacity under civil law. It continues the successful work of the Ulm Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing (FAW, 1987-2004). FAW/n cooperates with partners of the University of Ulm, as well as other universities and colleges.


Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Franz Josef Radermacher © Andreas Bormann

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Franz Josef Radermacher has been Chairman of the board of the Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing (FAW/n) since its foundation in 2004.

As a mathematician, economist and computer scientist, Prof. Radermacher is a widely recognized expert on technology and globalization.

He studied and received doctorates in mathematics and economics (RWTH Aachen and University of Karlsruhe, respectively), and his habilitation in mathematics was awarded by RWTH Aachen in 1982. His research interests include global problems, learning organizations, intelligent technical systems, Big Data and the “Internet of Things”, dealing with risks, questions of individual’s and system’s responsibilities, environmentally compatible mobility, sustainable development, overpopulation problems, global food supply, climate and energy, and the regulation of the global financial system.

From 1987 until his emeritation in 2018, Prof. Radermacher held the C4 Chair of Databases and Artificial Intelligence at Ulm University.

In addition to his board activities for FAW/n, Prof. Radermacher is honorary president of the German Senate of Economy, honorary president of the European Ecosocial Forum, a member of the Club of Rome and, since 2020, a member of the Commission for Sustainable Management, Action and Financing of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). He was also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) from 2000 to 2018 and President of the Senate of Economy from 2010 to 2021.

radermacher [at] fawn-ulm.de
(+49) 0731 / 850712 81


The Team of FAW/n in October 2021

FAW/n combines expertise from various disciplines: physicists, mathematicians, economics, agronomists and social scientists work at FAW/n to develop holistic and global solutions for the most pressing challenges of our time.

Prof. Dr. Estelle Herlyn
Chief Scientist
herlyn [at] fawn-ulm.de

Tobias Orthen, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate
orthen [at] fawn-ulm.de
(+49) 0731 / 850712 88

Nikolas Lokau, B. A.
Research Associate
lokau [at] fawn-ulm.de
(+49) 0731 / 850712 87

Jürgen Dollinger, DipPhys
Research Assistant & IT
dollinger [at] fawn-ulm.de
(+49) 0731 / 850712 86

Michael Gerth, DipMath, DipEcon
Research Assistant & IT
gerth [at] fawn-ulm.de
(+49) 0731 / 850712 86

Gerhard Wendlik, DipMath, DipEcon
 Financial Management
wendlik [at] fawn-ulm.de
(+49) 0731 / 850712 80

Regina Simon
Assistant to the Director
simon [at] fawn-ulm.de
(+49) 0731 / 850712 82

Melanie Simon
Communication Politics & Business
m.simon [at] fawn-ulm.de
(+49) 0731 / 850712 84

Ilse Wendlik
iwendlik [at] fawn-ulm.de
(+49) 0731 / 850712 80

Leondine Häußler
Infrastructure Support

Bert Beyers
Freelancer: Communication

Prof. Dr. Halit Ünver
Freelancer: International Relations

Dr. Ludolf Plass © Bert Beyers

Dr. Ludolf Plass
Freelancer: Power-to-X

Dr. Hans Jürgen Wernicke
Freelancer: Power-to-X


Numerous companies and organizations support the FAW/n, without whom our research would not be possible.

Special thanks to our donors:

* Sparkasse Ulm representing various Sparkassen and companies of the Sparkassen Finance Group

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of FAW/n is the representation of the donors and has the ultimate responsibility for FAW/n. This concerns the selection of topics, the content-related orientation as well as the adoption of the budget and the selection of the Board of Directors.

Those appointed to the Board of Trustees each represent one donor. The members of the Board of Trustees are:

Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Streveld
Foundation Senate of Economy for Common Good Policy)

Deputy Chairman
Jürgen Hilse
(Representative for various institutions of the German Sparkassen Finance Group)

Torsten Kallweit

Deputy Chairman
Torsten Kallweit
(Head of HSE and Sustainability,
Robert Bosch GmbH)

Further members of the Board of Trustees are:

Dr. Stefan Bill
(Chairman of the Board,
Sparkasse Ulm)

Gunter Czisch
City of Ulm)

Helmut Lind
(Chairman of the Board,
Sparda-Bank München)

Prof. Dr. Martin Müller
(Institute for Sustainable Management, Ulm University)

Dr. Jan Stefan Roell
(Chairman of the Board,
ZwickRoell AG)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sándor Vajna
(Institute for Machine Construction,
Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg)

Friends of FAW/n

The FAW/n Friends’ Association is a charitable association for the non-material and material promotion of applied knowledge processing, especially at FAW/n, as well as for the maintenance of contacts and the exchange of information between scientists, sponsors and the public.

1. Chairwoman
Annette Thierer
(Head of Regional Directorate Ulm/Neu-Ulm | Private and business customers,
Volksbank Ulm-Biberach eG)

2. Chairman
Gerhard Wendlik

(Financial Management,

Stefan Hell
(Member of the Board,
Volksbank Ulm-Biberach eG)

For more information regarding the Friends’ Association, please contact:

Ms Regina Simon
Lise-Meitner-Str. 9
89081 Ulm
Tel (+49) 731 / 850712 82
E-Mail: simon [at] fawn-ulm.de