Which Future?

The following document, building on the recently published book by the third author, takes into account new insights from system theory and non-equilibrium thermodynamics to under- stand better processes of socio-economic or biological evolution. Furthermore, it starts from a global ethics point of view and asks first whether humankind will eventually be able to integrate the physical constrains of the environment into its economic systems: yes or no. Secondly, it asks whether human kind will achieve that aim or not while respecting, at the same time, human dignity and human rights of all people: yes or no. In Chapter I, these con- siderations are given in more detail, leading to three/four futures (called scenarios A–D) which make up the core of this paper. Note that in a certain sense, these cases are disjoint and exhaustive by construction, i.e. in a certain sense, one of these futures will come.